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Visual engineering

Imagination creates reality

The Visual Engineering team brings the SBE project ideas to life. Whether it involves impressive videos, stunning images or engaging simulations, we transform the vision into virtual, tangible worlds.


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We provide a range of options through our offerings to visually understand the complexity of projects. In addition to providing crystal clear image communication, we also provide the ideal tool for gaining in-depth technical insights into the project.

Discover more about our range of photorealistic images, videos, simulations, games and even virtual meetings in BIM models here.

Photorealistic images

Detailed and photorealistic 3D images are an indispensable part of project communication. The Visual Engineering Team transforms complex BIM models into images that capture the spirit of location. We thereby create visual compositions, in collaboration with our customers, that capture everyone’s imagination.


A video is the ideal communication tool for reflecting the relationship of different project components or to make larger spatial cohesion clear. Each frame tells a part of a project story. Our visual engineers develop realistic and moving images of projects using state-of-the-art technologies.

A matching voice-over or music with the video images? Our team is ready to create the perfect package.

Simulations and games

Would you like to create a real-life experience? Then discover our bike and car simulators.

Allow local residents to experience a designed bicycle bridge on a virtual bike ride even before it is actually built. As you experience the design in virtual reality (VR), our bike simulator allows you to actually feel the incline! Or, as a car driver, you can test out the new intersection for safety and usability and get used to the future traffic situation already.

Gameplay elements can be integrated to add an extra dimension to our simulations. Here we introduce specific assignments and puzzles related to project zones, which gives the visualizations an interactive character. This interactivity ensures accessible project communication during information fairs and participation sessions.

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Virtual meeting

Imagine meeting in the 3D model of your project to discuss design progress with others – while everyone can remain in their own locations.

This is an ideal tool for evaluating technical or spatial designs and to fine-tune them even during the design process. We can also offer this service in Virtual Reality (VR).

Our projects

Whether it’s roads, tunnels, bridges, or structures, team SBE gladly executes these technical feats of excellence down to the kilonewton and millimeter. Here is an overview of some ongoing projects and completed achievements.

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