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Urbanism & design

Every question or assignment we work on at SBE does in some way come down to urbanism & design aspects. While taking careful note of the context, we always keep the approach and design under critical review. Whether it concerns environmental construction, the design of public spaces, the architectural design of (bicycle) bridges and tunnels, or the integrated design of service buildings; the urbanism & design team employs an integral design approach to strive for widely supported, sustainable total solutions with their own identity.


Environmental landscaping and landscape design

The urbanism & design team positions the SBE projects in their context, whether this might be an industrial port landscape, an urban space, or a rural environment. The context is always the starting point for the design and as such, is its most important precondition. Precise integration into the surrounding landscape is therefore a basic condition for a successful project.

Design of public spaces

Many projects, especially infrastructure projects, bring about major changes in the surrounding public area. Here at SBE, we constantly strive to exploit these changes and transform them into quality public spaces. After all, it is these places that we believe will provide the answer to the ecological, economic and social challenges ahead of us.

Architectural design of bridges, tunnels and service buildings

When designing both structures and service buildings, SBE and its urbanism & design team create a link between the engineering side of the process and the architectural vision that precedes it. This is how we can ensure a quality project from start to finish.

Visual engineering

Pont Capitte

The Visual Engineering team brings the SBE project ideas to life. Whether it involves impressive videos, stunning images or engaging simulations, we transform the vision into virtual, tangible worlds.

Our projects

By working with a collective of architects, landscape architects and urban planners as the connecting link between the various SBE services, the urbanism & design teams offers inventive solutions for a spatial context that is ever more socially complex. These solutions must be forward-looking and of sufficient quality to withstand any tests in a future world.

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Inspiration Guide 2024

Order your free copy of the ‘Inspiration Guide 2024’ and enjoy more than 150 pages of artworks and landscapes from SBE, Urbanisme & Infra.

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