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Port, river & hydraulic engineering

Port, river & hydraulic engineering is the seed from which SBE has grown. We took our first steps in designing locks and quay walls in the port of Antwerp and today we ensure water is properly directed along the correct channels from Nicaragua to Myanmar.

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Development of ports and terminals

(Inter)national shipping freight on seas, oceans and inland waterways has been growing rapidly for years. Transport by water is increasingly becoming the lifeblood of the economy and is constantly growing in terms of volumes shipped and the number of sailings. This requires the deepening and adaptation of seaports and inland ports worldwide. SBE, which expanded in the port of Antwerp, travels the world drawing on more than 30 years of knowledge and experience to provide hydraulic engineering solutions for public authorities and private customers.

SBE offers the following expert services: feasibility studies, master planning, traffic forecasting, design, terminal and hinterland development, financial analyses and assistance in drawing up tender documents (in accordance with World Bank standards, FIDIC, etc.), site supervisions, and more.

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Design of locks and quay walls

Locks are essential to make rivers navigable for ships with larger draughts and to enable loading and unloading in (sea)ports with a 24/7 constant water level. SBE helped to design the largest locks in the world, both in Benelux and abroad (including Panama, Seville and Nicaragua). Thanks to our extensive know-how and the use of the very latest calculation techniques and finite element packages, we are now one of the world leaders.

There can be no harbours and waterways without quay walls. This is another important pillar within SBE. Over the years, we have worked on all current types of quay walls – gravity dams, L-walls, sheet pile walls, combi-walls, etc. – with a retaining height of more than 30 metres, making them suitable for ships with a draught of 16 metres.

Durmevallei Sigmaplan Ontpoldering Groot Broek
Source: De Vlaamse Waterweg

River basin management

Global warming is already affecting millions of people living close to waterways due to excessive rainfall and severe flooding. And this is only the start… Through its designs and vision, SBE plays a proactive leadership role by focusing on integrated river basin management and coastal defence. More than just building dykes and banks, a well-considered approach also necessitates the coordination, planning, development and maintenance of the entire river basin.

The Sigmaplan is a good example of this. With plans like this, we meticulously consult all stakeholders with a great deal of understanding in order to ultimately arrive at a sustainable solution. SBE’s river basin management solutions cover all facets of the sector, from the drawing up of master plans in the feasibility phase to the preparation of implementation designs.

Integrated water resource management

Integrated water resource management is directly linked to river basin management. Without the necessary controls in place, water levels can be scarce or abundant, in addition to seasonal fluctuations.

With water basins behind a (hydro-electric) dam, the water level remains under better control and therefore more constant. In addition, multifunctional dams help with irrigation, electricity generation and much more.

Our projects

From the Belgian coast to Venice, SBE takes steps towards progress and innovation all over the world. Here is an overview of some ongoing projects and completed achievements.

Discover our projects
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