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About us

Experts at Play

As an independent engineering design consultancy, SBE works together with its clients to build tomorrow’s world in a sustainable way. Our projects are the result of more than 30 years of expertise, combined with a creative social imagination and proactive process management.

Westende-Middelkerke Green Sea Dike Wave-damping extension (GDU) - dike

At SBE, we believe in progress. That is why all of our team members are encouraged to continue to develop and deepen their field of expertise. As a company, we are also looking for complementary fields of study, which not only raises our services to a higher level but allows us to integrate an ever-broader approach. Not only does this make us a central point of contact for our customers, it also means we can offer them an all-round solution

SBE brings together more than 30 years of expertise with youthful creativity to create innovative civil engineering and electromechanical solutions for Belgium and the rest of the world. By working together with governments and other clients, we can then sustainably build the world of tomorrow. Drawing on more than 30 years of experience, our team of more than 180 enthusiastic engineers, BIM designers, and architects ensures SBE is a strong and reliable partner for the (inter)national market. Our creative social imagination and proactive process management help us focus on 5 core activities: port, river & hydraulic engineering, civil engineering & infrastructure, urbanism & design, industrial constructions & buildings and electromechanics.


point observation Jambon sur vresse #teamsbe #expertsatplay

At SBE, we are convinced that corporate social responsibility is the only way forward, and that businesses play a crucial role in this. As designers of hydraulic and civil engineering projects, infrastructure, and industrial structures, we are aware of our impact and responsibility towards people, the environment, and society.


It goes without saying that quality and high-performing achievements are vital in the civil engineering and electromechanical sectors. At SBE, we believe that this also includes impeccable and reliable service.

  • Key to this, are sustainable and confidential ties with all our contacts. We approach customers, suppliers and subcontractors in the same constructive way.
  • By fully focusing on the development and growth curve of our employees’ technical skills, SBE challenges its daily operations time and again, ensuring they always rise to the occasion.
  • In order to continue operating at the highest level, we scrutinise our operations at various different stages. We have an internal quality system with in-house audits, an annual external audit and ‘put into practice’ feedback, all of which keeps us on our toes.

Our policies

At SBE, we implement robust company policies to provide clear guidelines, fostering a harmonious work environment and ensuring unwavering consistency.

Our commitment to transparency, coupled with setting clear expectations, prioritizes employee well-being. This dedication extends to enhancing your customer experience through reliable service and ethical practices.


  • Sint-Niklaas (HQ)

  • Mechelen

  • Oostkamp

  • Namen

  • Rotterdam

  • Valencia

  • Sint-Niklaas (HQ)

    In Sint-Niklaas, you will find our headquarters, the beating heart of #teamsbe! This office is conveniently located just a comfortable 5-minute walk from the train station.

  • Mechelen

    Our satellite office in Mechelen is located near Mechelen station. With this office, we aim not only to become an attractive employer for engineers and other professionals in the region but also to increase our local presence.

  • Oostkamp

    Our satellite office in Bruges-Oostkamp is located near the E40 highway. With this office, we aim not only to become an attractive employer for engineers and other professionals in the region but also to increase our local presence.

  • Namen

    In order to closely monitor the projects in collaboration with the Service Public de Wallonie (SPW) and other partners, SBE opened a branch in Wallonia in 2017. This allows us to have a local contact point ready for all our clients in the southern part of the country, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and France.

    SBE kantoor Namur
  • Rotterdam

    Since 2020, our office in Rotterdam, conveniently located near Rotterdam Central Station, has been ensuring local presence to better support our Dutch clients.

  • Valencia

    Hola España! We are further expanding our hub strategy with a new office in Valencia. Our philosophy remains the same: to collaborate on technically complex projects with local experts who like to color outside the lines. And we secretly love tapas!

    Kantoor Office Valencia SBE engineering
Seine-Schelde sluis Harelbeke engineering SBE #teamsbe #expertsatplay


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