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A12 redesign

  • Period: 2020 - ...
  • Info markets for the general public
    November 13 and 27, 2023
  • Digital survey regarding green infilling on the tunnel roof
    February 2022
  • Preparation of an environmental impact report (EIA project)
    January 2022 - November 2023
  • Public consultation related to the EIA application file
    June - August 2021
  • Digital survey "Pin your ideas on the map"
    February - March 2021
  • Listening days
    January - February 2021
  • Preliminary phase & request scoping advice
    November 2020 - December 2021
  • Inventory
    March 2021
  • Start of research assignment
    November 2020
  • Alternatief A: snede tunnel
  • Alternatief B: snede tunnel

The A12 in Aartselaar and Wilrijk-Zuid is struggling with five problematic intersections: these busy and obscure intersections do not only cause daily traffic jams but also serious accidents. To address this situation, the Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer (AWV) decided to carry out a comprehensive redesign of these intersections. The main aim is to enhance the safety of all road users and improve traffic flow on the A12 as much as possible.

SBE as part of Team A12

SBE is part of Team A12, which began work on the redesign of the A12 and the intervening infrastructure in November 2020. We are collaborating with the engineering firms Antea Belgium and Transport & Mobility Leuven. DenS serves as team A12’s communications agency.

Our assignment

The main objective in this study assignment is to enhance road safety, improve traffic flow and address the following dangerous intersections:

  • Bist x Langlaarsteenweg
  • Vluchtenburgstraat x Leugstraat
  • Helststraat x Guido Gezellestraat
  • Cleydaellaan x Kontichsesteenweg
  • Terbekehofdreef x Atomiumlaan

Attention is also paid within this study assignment to making the A12 more accessible to all road users, i.e. pedestrians, cyclists, motorized traffic and public transport.

Significant and in-depth modifications are needed to the current intersections and infrastructure to achieve all these predetermined goals. All potential scenarios and their effects were carefully examined for these changes to produce the intended results. As a result, no fewer than 12 possible scenarios were on the table.

Participation process

We gathered feedback from the community and stakeholders at different stages of the study assignment through a large-scale participation process.

Through six information sessions, we listened to the ideas and suggestions of local residents and other interested stakeholders.

An initial information session was held even before the effective research began. The general public as well as schools, businesses, interest groups, and the like were given an opportunity to share their suggestions and concerns with us. As many as 2,200 people participated!

Feedback was then provided through a focus group on the possible design alternatives. Four alternatives were identified.

We then examined the best environmental and social alternatives in the EIA project. Such a project starts with an application and a request for scoping advice. The application was also presented to the general public to give everyone the opportunity to formulate feedback over a 60-day period.

A second digital survey followed in February 2022 on the integration of greenery on the A12 tunnel roof. This involved identifying the wishes and preferences of all potential stakeholders involved in terms of greenery, peacefulness, sports, games and mobility.

After the EIA results became known (December 2022), three preferred alternatives were resubmitted by the study team to the focus group in October 2023.

Info markets


Two info markets were held on Monday, November 13 and November 27 to present these three preferred alternatives to the general public.

Three preferred alternatives

Three preferred alternatives emerged from this study for the A12/N177 redesign in Aartselaar and Wilrijk-Zuid:

Alternative A: three short tunnels

Tunnel locations

  • Terbekehofdreef x Atomiumlaan (228 m)
  • Centrum Aartselaar (684 m)
  • Bist x Langlaarsteenweg (409 m)

Speed limit

  • A12: 90 km/h
  • N177: 70 km/h outside built-up areas en 50 km/h within built-up areas

Cycle paths (3 m wide)

  • Dual-way along both sides of N177

Public transport

  • Separate bus lane on N177

Aternative B: one long and one short tunnel

Tunnel locations

  • Long tunnel from Atomiumlaan to Helststraat (2132 m)
  • Short tunnel at Bist (409 m)

Speed limit

  • A12: 70 km/h
  • N177: 50 km/h

Cycle paths (3 m wide)

  • Dual-way along both sides of N177

Public transport

  • Central bus lane from Atomiumlaan to Helststraat on the roof of the tunnel

Alternative C: one long tunnel

Tunnel locations

  • One long tunnel across the entire project area from Bist to Atomiumlaan (3574 m)

Speed limit

  • A12: 70 km/h
  • N177: 50 km/h

Cycle paths (3 m wide)

  • Dual-way along both sides of N177
  • Central on the roof of the tunnel

Public transport

  • Central on the roof of the tunnel

The results were submitted to the Flemish Government to choose one of the three alternatives. We then elaborate on the selected alternative for the purpose of the environmental permit.

Please visit the webpage of Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer for detailed information about this project.

Responsibilities SBE

SBE is responsible for the following tasks within the Team A12 partnership

  • Project management
  • Drawing of the plans
  • Spatial incorporation for landscape elements
  • Calculation of tunnel sections
  • Electromechanics for the tunnels

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