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Walkway at Vlietermonument

  • Location: DEN OEVER [NL]
  • Period: 2021 - 2023
  • Walkway installation
    October 2022
  • Start and end of study
  • Walkway at Vlietermonument - The Afsluitdijk
    New walkway at Vlietermonument
  • Walkway at Vlietermonument
    Walkway (Copyright: Rijkswaterstaat – Levvel – Jan Wessels ©️Waterbeeld)

To restore the iconic Vlietermonument in Den Oever to its former glory, the walkway nearby has been renovated. This project is part of the large-scale reinforcement and renewal of Afsluitdijk.


The Vlietermonument will be restored to its former glory. The old concrete walkway was removed as additional space was created in the dike. The new walkway is a modern steel version that spans the A7. In the future, it will connect the Noord central square with the Zuid central square.


Unlike the old walkway, the new walkway is on the other side of the tower, in the direction towards Friesland. The walkway is therefore not only further from the tower, but also ensures that anyone driving in from North Holland will be able to see the sleek vertical line of the tower without the walkway obstructing their view. By moving the walkway, the monument can now glitter in the evening sun. However, the public will have to wait to use the walkway until Vlietermonument has been expanded. In fact, that is where the walkway ends up.

  • Staircase - Walkway Vlietermonument
    Copyright: Rijkswaterstaat – Levvel – Jan Wessels ©️Waterbeeld
  • Walkway at Vlietermonument
    Walkway (Copyright: Rijkswaterstaat – Levvel – Jan Wessels ©️Waterbeeld)
  • Walkway at Vlietermonument
    Support point in dike for stairway access (Copyright: Rijkswaterstaat – Levvel – Jan Wessels ©️Waterbeeld)

Responsibilities SBE

In this assignment, SBE was in charge of the project management of the new construction of the walkway Monument.

  • Elaboration of the concept design of the walkway
  • Elaboration of the detail design of the walkway
  • Project management for the design
  • Consultation and coordination of the design with Rijkswaterstaat, Levvel and other relevant stakeholders
  • Preparation of the preliminary design for the concrete landing of the north side walkway
  • Design management for Final Design and Implementation Design for the concrete landing


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