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Find all the useful information here, and perhaps you will also be convinced to become part of Team SBE?

We are always on the lookout for students who enjoy tackling complex civil projects and coming up with creative solutions. Send us your details, and we will contact you when we have a job opening that meets your expectations.

Student Challenge

Who are we?

Welcome to SBE! As a leading consultancy firm, we are constantly seeking talented and ambitious students passionate about the design and/or calculations of complex civil engineering projects. Whether you are looking for an internship, guidance for your master’s thesis, or are simply curious about what our company has to offer, you’ve come to the right place!

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Where can you find us?

This academic year, we will be present at numerous job fairs! Will you come pay us a visit?

18/01/2024 Jobfair VDAB, Berchem
15/02/2024 IR. Job Fair, Polytechnische kring, Etterbeek
21/02/2024 Poutrix Bouwkundebeurs, Gent
21/02/2024 Archiefair, De Loeiende Koe, Gent
27/02/2024 Job Fair NEXT, Brussel
28/02/2024Job Fair NEXT, Gent  
Journées de l’Industrie, Louvain-La-Neuve
29/02/2024 Odisee Jobhappening, Aalst
29/02/2024 Jobfair Modulor, Antwerpen
07/03/2024 Hermes Job & Stage Event, ICC, Gent
12/03/2024 EMECS Jobfair, PKarus, Gent
14/03/2024 VTK Jobfair, Brabanthal, Leuven
21/03/2024 Poutrix Spring Break Event, Gent
25-29/03/2024 Jokerweek, De Loeiende Koe, Gent
26/03/2024 Jobbeurs Technologiecampus Gent, ICC

Have you ever spotted one of our Experts at Play on your campus? Igniting curiosity and sharing knowledge is in our DNA! That’s why we take pride in regularly providing guest lectures at universities, colleges, and other educational institutions. Keep an eye on your classes, and you might soon have the chance to meet one of our colleagues. Feel free to approach them, ask questions, and learn more about the challenging projects we contribute to on a daily basis!


Interested in an internship or master’s thesis at SBE?

Our internship programs provide students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in various aspects of civil engineering. Whether you are interested in designing a concrete bridge, calculating a movable lock gate, or any other aspect of the field, we offer diverse internships that align with your interests and academic background.

If you are looking for a company to develop your master’s thesis, our Experts at Play would love to hear how we can support you!

Do you have a question for us? Contact us directly at recruitment@sbe.be

Summer Festival

Starter jobs? They paved the way for you…

Read the stories of your future colleagues here, and perhaps you’ll be convinced to join Team SBE too!

Student Challenge

Do you enjoy design competitions?

Then you’ve probably already heard about the SBE Student Challenge?

It’s not just a competition but a way to introduce students to design challenges that may be less common for them but are part of the daily routine for SBE experts in a relaxed manner.

Our Projects

Whether it’s roads, tunnels, bridges, or other engineering marvels, Team SBE meticulously crafts these technical masterpieces down to the kilonewton and millimeter. Here’s an overview of some ongoing projects and completed achievements.

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Student Challenge


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