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Fietsbrug v

Emmeline, Project Engineer Architecture at SBE Sint-Niklaas

“I discovered SBE at a student fair and was immediately drawn to their beautiful design of a pedestrian and bicycle bridge. My choice of SBE over other engineering companies stems from the unique combination of my passion for architecture and stability. The friendly and open atmosphere, flexible working environment, and the opportunity to tackle challenging projects make my experience at SBE truly exceptional.”

Experts at Play

Freek, Project Engineer Bouwkunde at SBE Sint-Niklaas

“Working at SBE means engaging in challenging projects with a lot of responsibility in a no-nonsense atmosphere, emphasizing substantive quality. The focus on work-life balance with team-building activities, sports, and remote work options makes it even more appealing. Teamwork is at the core of SBE, and I have significantly developed my communication, interdisciplinary thinking, and practical design skills here.”

Experts at Play Kevin & Nykita
Experts at Play Kevin & Nykita (vlnr)

Nykita, BIM Engineer at SBE Sint-Niklaas

“My top three reasons for what makes working at SBE so enjoyable are 1) the great work atmosphere, 2) the flexibility, and 3) the wide variety of projects.

This combination creates a diverse job that you look forward to every morning, with an ideal balance between personal life and work.”

Stijn, BIM Engineer at SBE Sint-Niklaas

“I’m Stijn, working as a BIM engineer in the infrastructure team at SBE, where we focus on modeling roads. I’ve been with SBE for almost 8 years, and time flies when you’re having fun!

I got in touch with SBE through a friend who was already working here. His enthusiasm about the company was contagious, and not long after, I took my chance. The projects at SBE, especially the large infrastructure projects, have a real impact on the environment. Additionally, there’s a positive atmosphere here, and many young people work in the company. The complexity of projects and the fascinating execution techniques appeal to me. In the realization of a tunnel, for example, there’s much more involved than just its design. Placing diaphragm walls, excavations, and dealing with earthmoving are important aspects. The most enjoyable part of my job is meeting deadlines or approaching the end of a major phase. It gives a sense of accomplishment.

My ambition at SBE is to keep exploring the benefits of technological innovations and share this knowledge with new colleagues.

My advice for new starters is: Always be curious and keep looking for ways to improve the process, making it faster and more efficient!”

Stijn, Project Engineer Industrial at SBE Sint-Niklaas

“My interest in industry and buildings led me to SBE after a positive experience during the defense of my Master’s thesis.

My workday mainly involves calculations and discussions with project managers, BIM engineers, and clients. As a result, my job is both analytical and people-oriented. Each project and client is unique, and the emphasis can vary. The varied calculations, both in concrete and steel, also make my role very diverse.

My advice for new starters is: Participate in activities; that’s the best way to get to know your new colleagues. And ask plenty of questions; at SBE, we’re happy to help!”

Batoma, Project Engineer at SBE Namur

“Due to the diverse, complex, and multidisciplinary nature of the projects and the young, dynamic team, I was immediately enthusiastic about joining SBE.

My first project, the Passerelle Bowstring, a steel pedestrian bridge, is still vivid in my memory, and it was a fantastic learning experience. What truly makes my job amazing is overseeing the implementation of a project that I’ve calculated. At that moment, I feel incredibly valuable to society. It’s simply fantastic and satisfying to see something that started on paper come to life!

For the future, I have plans to further develop my skills and experience, both within my field and in interdisciplinary areas. The great thing is that this is not only possible at SBE but also encouraged!”

Guy, Project Manager at SBE Sint-Niklaas

Check out Guy’s story. He works as a Project Manager at Team SBE in Sint-Niklaas.

“The most enjoyable part? The variety and the constant challenge of being able to do something new. I don’t have a single day that’s the same.”

Will you be the new colleague of Guy?”

Maxime, Project Engineer at SBE Sint-Niklaas

“Last summer, I embarked on my search for my first job.

After disappointments with other firms, I stumbled upon the job posting for Project Engineer in Urban Planning and Road Design at SBE through LinkedIn. The appealing combination of major infrastructure projects and a friendly work atmosphere immediately caught my attention. My cover letter, emphasizing my familiarity with SBE’s projects, led to an exploratory interview and eventually to a positive mutual interest. Finally, the real work could begin.”

Jan, Senior BIM Engineer at SBE Sint-Niklaas

Curious about Jan’s career as a Senior BIM Engineer at Team SBE in Sint-Niklaas?

“I’ve been working at SBE for 27 years. I started as a draftsman, then spent a few years as a full-time ICT manager, and now I’m the BIM coordinator for larger projects.”

Do you want to build a successful career at SBE, just like Jan?

Tom, Senior Project Engineer Architecture at SBE Brugge-Oostkamp

This is Tom. He works as a Senior Project Engineer Architecture at our Team SBE hub in Oostkamp. Curious about his story?

“I particularly enjoy the fact that there’s still a familial atmosphere within SBE, where people know each other.”

Will you be the newest member of our SBE family?

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