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Our CO2 footprint in 2022


SBE recently unveiled its 2022 CO2 footprint, as it does every year, as part of our sustainability efforts.


The total CO2 emissions from all offices amounted to 505.07 tons of CO2, which is equivalent to the CO2 uptake of 50.51 hectares of forest or 21,044 trees. Scope 1, with 91% emissions from gas and the fleet, remained the largest pollutant at 89% of total CO2 emissions.

Despite our efforts at establishing more sustainable commuting, an increase in fuel consumption was noted. This in itself is not a surprise, since 2022 was the first normal working year after the COVID pandemic.

We are determined to reduce our CO2 emissions, however. Measures include the electrification of our fleet and promoting sustainable means of transportation.

What will the future bring?

Our new reduction goals for the coming years are aimed at improving sustainability and reducing emissions. We are continuing our commitment to a greener future and are also exploring new initiatives such as district heating and expansion of the charging station infrastructure.

We remain determined to reduce our CO2 emissions and to be innovative in our sustainability efforts.


Learn more about our 2022 results of CO2 emissions here:

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