What is BIM and how can it be used in the design process?

 In Gate Design

During the past decade, the use of BIM during projects has become the standard in the building industry. SBE has the knowledge in house to offer BIM services to their customers and partners. This blog item gives a small introduction in this new way of designing constructions. 

BIM or Building Information Model is more than a fancy 3D model, it is an integrated process for the design, execution and coordination of any construction project. BIM has several benefits. It allows all concerned parties to identify errors in the design and planning before the works start, which leads to an efficient building process. A single 3D model is the base of all plans and drawings which are used to construct each associated structure and changes are made in real time. BIM is also a great source of information after the construction phase; all information can easily be passed on to the owners for management and maintenance during the life cycle of the construction.

SBE offers BIM models (range 3D – 7D) to its customers and are immensely experienced in using this technique during the design process. SBE had also invested in a Virtual Reality set-up, which enables the designers, contractors, clients and other stakeholders to get a first-hand experience of the structure that is to be constructed.

For the Malamocco lock gate project in Venice, a BIM model was created in order to evaluate the dimensions of the gate in combination with the existing concrete structure. The Virtual Reality model allowed the viewer to have a look at the gate from inside the lock gate chamber. Have a look around and enjoy!


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