Henri ThomasFounder

    Rik Thomas has more than 45 years of experience and in 1985 he founded SBE, which under his leadership has grown to become one of the larger Engineering consultancies in Belgium and now executes projects in more than 35 countries. Rik is known worldwide for his exceptional knowledge and experience regarding inland waterway navigation and lock design. He was involved in the design of lock complexes in Seville, Panama, Nicaragua, Belgium and the Netherlands.

    Although his greatest passion lies in hydraulic engineering, he has extensive experience with all other disciplines of civil engineering (geotechnics, infrastructure works, bridge construction, industrial constructions).

    In recent years, Rik’s energy is mainly on leading the major hydraulic engineering projects. With his expertise, he advises the client and directs the project managers. In the most complex projects he succeeds like no other to separate the forest from the trees and create clarity.