Hendrik BlontrockCivil Engineering & Electromechanical Engineering

    Hendrik studied Civil Engineering and Electromechanical Engineering at Ghent University (Belgium). After his studies, he obtained a PhD in Civil Engineering on the fire-resistance of externally fibre reinforced concrete structures. After lecturing one year at the KHBO (Catholic High school Bruges and Ostend), he started in 2003 as project Engineer steel structures at SBE.

    In 2012, Hendrik joined SBE and now has over 15 years of experience. His broad knowledge of civil engineering and electromechanical engineering puts him in the perfect position to acta s expert on multidisciplinary projects, specifically where electromechanical component meet structural designs.

    Hendrik is the staff member people go to when things get complex. He is one of the only engineers who is able to make a detailed design of all the components of a lock (gate, pit, electromechanics).