New Scaldis Lock – Ghent

The construction of the Scaldis lock was one of the last major links in the recovery operation which reconnected the Nederscheldt with Portus Ganda.

SBE was responsible for the full detail design of the lock, the canoe chute, the quay walls, the retaining walls and the steel structural design of the single leaf gates.

SBE also carried out the detail design of the foundation for the service building located near the lock complex.

Preparation of a complete execution file:

  • Stability calculation for the excavation pit (calculations and drawings)
  • Detailed study of the civil engineering of the lock and appurtenances and the adjoining quay wall (calculations, formwork and reinforcement plans)
  • Study of the adaptation works to the existing quay walls.
  • Study of the lock gates and thrusters
  • The detail design of the foundations for the service building (calculations, formwork and reinforcement plans)