Malamocco Lock – Venice

In the framework of the MOSE project (Venice), a navigation lock was built as part of the storm surge barrier that is supposed to protect the Venetian lagoon from high water events (‘acqua alta’) in the future. The navigation lock is intended to allow navigation in and out of the lagoon when the storm surge barriers are operational and are blocking the standard navigation routes.

As a result of a storm on the Adriatic Sea in 2015, the seaside lock gate of this navigation lock at Malamocco was damaged beyond repair. The first assignment of SBE was to investigate the causes of this failure before proposing a new design and/or adaptation works. The wave climate on the Adriatic Sea was therefore meticulously studied and physical model tests were performed on an adaptable model to simulate both the existing situation and to test improved designs of the lock gates.

In the next phase, SBE reworked the risk analysis (RISMAN, fault tree analysis, etc.) for the entire lock complex. Based on the reliability and safety analysis, the most cost-efficient improvement of the lock complex was selected and elaborated. This solution consists of an entirely new design of the seaside lock gate for which a robust solution is required as an integral part of the storm surge barrier of Venice. For the lagoon side lock gate, adaptation works to both the existing steel lock gate and the civil works were proposed and elaborated that ensured sufficient guarantees of stability during a storm event.

For both lock gates/storm surge barriers, SBE was responsible for the structural and mechanical design of the new lock gates as well as for the design of the control and telematics of the new/updated lock gates.

Tasks completed by SBE:

  • Investigation of failure sea side lock gate
    • Wave analysis Malamocco lock complex
    • Physical model testing of geometry of new sea side lock gate
  • Integral redesign of the sea side lock gate:
    • Concept design study and executive design study of the entire steel structure, adaptations to the civil works, electromechanical equipment, risk analysis (RISMAN, FTA), maintenance plan and equipment
    • Tender documents
  • Renovation of the lagoon side lock gate:
    • Concept design study of all adapations to the steel structure and the civil works, risk analysis (RISMAN, FTA), maintenance plan and equipment