Kattendijk Lock

The Kattendijk lock was in operation until 1994 at which point it was decommissioned due to its poor condition, outdated equipment and long waiting times due to the tide.

The renovation of the Kattendijk lock formed part of the Antwerp Mobility Master Plan and the aim was to have yachts and recreational boats sail directly to the docks around the Eilandje. Formerly a long detour around to the Royers lock had to be completed.

The project also included the design and construction of a movable bridge over the lock for road traffic. It is a retractable bridge that retracts under the road surface and above the abutment when a boat wants pass. The traffic has a single lane in each direction, separated from pedestrians and cyclists.

Below the road surface, the lock gates were replaced and immediately raised to flood protection height. The electromechanical components of the lock were also renovated. Above ground, the 2 lock keeper houses were also thoroughly renovated.

SBE was responsible for the complete detail design relating to the renovation of the Kattendijk lock in the port of Antwerp. This included the detail design of:

  • the lock gates (steel & wood): 8 low point doors and 2 high point doors;
  • the retractable bridge: a bridge that runs horizontally along open and closed over the lock;
  • the lock structure (concrete);
  • the corresponding structures in and around the lock complex.