Bahmanshir Lock

The borders of the Bahmanshir river downstream from Khormashar were once fertile agricultural land.  The construction of dams on the Karun river has given cause to salt intrusion from the Persian Gulf, all the way up to Khoramshar, and agriculture along the river has been discontinued. The Khuzestan Water and Power authority have planned to close off the Bahmanshir River with a lock and weir, to avoid further salt intrusion.

The Bahmanshir lock and dam project consists of a weir, a large lock and a small lock. In the tender design, the large lock was equipped with sector gates and the small lock with mitre gates.

At the project location, the gates are also subject to a reverse head. SBE has set up a trade-off matrix to assist the Client in the proper choice of lock gates. A single leaf gate was chosen instead of mitre gates. SBE has subsequently done the preliminary and detailed design of the single leaf gate and sector gates, including mechanical items and embedded parts.

SBE performed following services:
  • Set-up of Trade-Off Matrix between sector gates/mitre gates and other gate types;
  • Set-up design basis for the gates of the small lock and the large lock;
  • Preliminary design of the lock gates (sector gates and single leaf gate);
  • Detailed design of the lock gates (sector gates and single leaf gate);
  • Design of  mechanical parts (Pintle Gudgeon, and cylinder connections);
  • Design of embedded parts in the civil works;
  • Installation procedure for the lock gates.