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Bicycle & pedestrian bridge Wetteren

  • Location: WETTEREN [BE]
  • Period: 2012 - 2018
  • Opening of the bridge to the public and demolition of old bridge
    September 2018
  • Start of study
    January 2012
  • voetgangers en fietsbrug Wetteren SBE engineering #teamsbe #expertsatplay
  • voetgangers en fietsbrug Wetteren SBE engineering #teamsbe #expertsatplay
  • voetgangers en fietsbrug Wetteren SBE engineering #teamsbe #expertsatplay

The old pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Scheldt in Wetteren, which was still used daily by hundreds of school children and other soft road users, was nearing the end of its lifespan and did not allow the passage of three-layer container ships; the realisation of the new bicycle and pedestrian bridge in Wetteren is therefore also part of the Seine-Scheldt project. In aesthetic terms, it was also not up to today’s standards.

The choice was therefore made to install a new pedestrian and cycle bridge that seamlessly connected the two parts of the municipality of Wetteren.

  • The new construction is 75 metres long and stretches between Tragelweg on the left bank and a brand new building complex on the right bank.
  • A solid pillar on the Tragelweg houses the cables of the bridge. By opting for a fixed cable bridge instead of an opening drawbridge, it was possible to ensure a crossing for soft road users at all times.
    In addition, the bridge stands at a height of about 14.5 metres. This allows the passage of three-layer container ships and integrates them in European and Flemish plans to make the Upper-Zeescheldt more navigable, thus promoting sustainable inland navigation.
  • Via a gentle, slightly inclined staircase, parallel to the Scheldt, pedestrians and cyclists can immediately descend to the towpath along the river.
  • A gently sloping approach ramp on pillars seamlessly separates off soft road users from other traffic, taking them to Kapellendries and the N407.
  • The small garden between those 2 streets and Tragelweg has been transformed into a pleasant open space, where cyclists can gather safely before or after crossing the bridge.
  • At a later stage, a green promenade will be constructed in parallel with the approach slope.
voetgangers en fietsbrug Wetteren SBE engineering #teamsbe #expertsatplay

This whole design is part of the “Wetteren aan de Schelde” subproject, which aims to upgrade the municipality.

Responsibilities SBE

SBE carried out the complete design of the new pedestrian and cyclist bridge over the Upper-Zeescheldt in the centre of the municipality of Wetteren:

  • Sub-task 1: Preliminary design phase
  • Sub-task 2: Design phase
  • Sub-task 3: Tendering stage
  • Sub-task 4: Drawing up a design for safety coordination
  • Sub-task 5: Implementation phase or management phase (including, among other things, providing assistance in supervising the execution of the works, carrying out management services, etc.)
voetgangers en fietsbrug Wetteren SBE engineering #teamsbe #expertsatplay

Zwarts & Jansma was responsible for the architectural design of the bridge.

voetgangers en fietsbrug Wetteren SBE engineering #teamsbe #expertsatplay

The various sub-tasks include not only the structural design, but also the redevelopment of the public spaces in the project zone, including:

  • Flood defences
  • Drainage
  • Roads & pavements and parking spaces on the site
  • Study and design of the fences and the entrances to the site
  • Changes to the banks

In short, the study and design of all elements to fully integrate the new bridge into its surroundings.

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