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Refurbishment Seine Scheldt

  • Location: FLANDERS [BE]
  • Period: 2011 - ...
Seine-Schelde sluis Harelbeke engineering SBE #teamsbe #expertsatplay

The Seine Scheldt project is a European initiative linking the Seine Basin (Paris region) with the Scheldt Basin (Antwerp). This water link between the two countries will enable shipping traffic for vessels of up to 4,500 tonnes (CEMT class e.g. vessels) and make inland navigation an equivalent alternative to freight traffic. In Flanders, De Vlaamse Waterweg nv, supported by the European Union, is leading this pilot project. For our country, this means specifically adapting 7 waterways. On the one hand, sailing capacity will be increased, but on the other there is a need to carry out river restoration, recreation on and along the water, and urban renewal.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and the redevelopment of the Seine-Scheldt link is being worked on in various stages too. De Vlaamse Waterweg has put the Lys at the forefront as a priority axis for the achievement of the Seine-Scheldt link. The most important bottlenecks will first be tackled as separate projects, as these often have the longest lead time. Examples of these projects are passages through city centres, locks and bridges that are typical bottlenecks for the waterway. Then the calibration works (this is the widening and deepening of the river) will be carried out from downstream to upstream. The Lys is hereby divided into several reaches (reach 140, 150, etc.), whereby a new reach begins at an important junction on the waterway (e.g. a lock complex or a junction in the waterway). These projects will be designed to be as nature-friendly as possible: more space for wet and dry nature, more experience, nature-friendly banks, etc. There will also be a great consideration for recreation and better access to the bicycle highways and bicycle networks around and along the Lys.

SBE is eager to be involved in the future development of Seine-Scheldt Flanders. At the moment, SBE is already hard at work on the following subprojects:


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    Seine-Schelde sluis Harelbeke engineering SBE #teamsbe #expertsatplay


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