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The SBE Digital Transformation Journey

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For more than 30 years, SBE has consistently embraced innovation to deliver exceptional projects. We reached the latest milestone in our digital transformation journey: A Common Data Environment (CDE) for all projects established with the help of Autodesk Construction Cloud.  

Kevin De Maesschalck, BIM Manager at SBE, was interviewed by Autodesk about his experiences on this impressive project.

Read the full interview here.

Over a decade, SBE embarked on a journey to revolutionize the approach to construction and engineering projects by embracing Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. Initially, the focus was on 3D design solutions, primarily for creating drawings and material quantities. However, recognizing the need for holistic information management and collaboration, SBE transitioned to a BIM-centric approach. The catalyst for this transformation was the award-winning Royers Lock project in Belgium, which highlighted the significance of a Common Data Environment (CDE) for effective collaboration.

The Turning Point: Royers Lock Project

The Royers Lock project, situated at the gateway to the Port of Antwerp Bruges, marked a pivotal moment for SBE. It was the largest project at the time and the first one entirely executed in BIM collaboration with the client. This experience showcased the power of a CDE in streamlining workflows, centralizing mark-ups on drawings, and facilitating communication, leading SBE to make the transition to Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Extending the Benefits Across the Organization

SBE recognized the need to extend the benefits of BIM beyond their BIM department. Kevin worked on integrating BIM across the organization, requiring a shift in working methods for project teams. The key needs included a cloud-based platform for instant 3D model authoring and workflows to centralize and standardize reviews and issue management.

Autodesk Docs and BIM Collaborate Pro, both part of Autodesk Construction Cloud, played a pivotal role in creating a centralized platform for SBE. This platform addressed the challenge of exchanging information and changing models without data loss.

Getting Buy-In: Preparing Staff and Clients

To ensure a smooth transition, SBE collaborated with their marketing department on a rollout plan. An ‘Autodesk Construction Cloud is Coming’ campaign provided insights into the benefits of the platform. Introduction events, guides, and internal training sessions were organized. Moreover, information sessions for clients unfamiliar with Autodesk Construction Cloud were conducted to build transparency and strengthen client relationships.

The Result: Transparency, Time Savings, and Insights

The implementation of a CDE in Autodesk Docs and digitalized mark-up and revision workflows resulted in increased transparency, improved quality checks, and eliminated communication gaps. Teams can easily communicate on plans and track project statuses, leading to significant time savings.

The Future

SBE’s commitment to standardization has led to the adoption of Autodesk Construction Cloud for all projects, regardless of type or size. Data operability has reduced fragmentation and improved collaboration. The focus now is on continuous improvement, reviewing processes, and evolving with emerging technologies.

Looking Ahead

Asset owners are driving the industry forward by centralizing project information and optimizing handovers and maintenance processes. SBE remains committed to embracing technology, standardizing processes, and prioritizing collaboration to meet evolving industry needs.

SBE’s journey to BIM, powered by Autodesk Construction Cloud, has transformed their construction and engineering projects, delivering efficiency, transparency, and enhanced client satisfaction. By embracing emerging technologies, they are well-positioned to provide sustainable, high-quality solutions for their clients and the evolving industry.

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