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Lock & quay wall design

In Belgium and the Netherlands, locks are common structures along waterways and in port areas, used to get from one water level to a higher or lower level at the other end of the lock. In (sea) ports, they are used to maintain a constant water level in the docking area, allowing 24/7 operability.

Container traffic is a vital part of many ports’ annual freight volume and container vessels keep increasing in draft and width. SBE has been involved with the design of the largest recent locks in Belgium, the Netherlands and even the world; ie. in Panama and Sevilla (Spain). By combining our extensive know-how and applying the latest developments in finite element analysis, we belong to one of the global leaders in lock design.

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We are a proud, independent and responsible global Civil and Electromechanical Engineering Consultancy. Our main interest is the engineering design of hydraulic structures. This, coupled with our base in the lowlands of Europe, has led us to become world-renowned experts in lock design.

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